Aylesham Village Expansion, Kent

Approval of remaining parcels at Aylesham Village Urban Expansion

Posted by Steven Trythall 2 years ago

Finally! Detailed planning applications consented on five residential parcels at Aylesham Village following resolution of nutrient neutrality issue within the region.

The Noble Consultancy previously prepared plans in support of a s73 application to provide an additional 150 homes at Aylesham Village Expansion. Subsequently, the team prepared detailed planning applications for five residential parcels at Aylesham on behalf of Barratt and Persimmon. During the determination period, the team worked proactively with the local authority to resolve several complex design and technical issues.

The application was held up while Natural England sought confirmation of nutrient neutrality across development sites in the region. Thankfully, Natural England are now satisfied that the district of Dover this issue and the proposals have been given the green light.

These recent approvals will deliver an additional 217 new homes with a mix of house types and tenures to help meet local need and will complete BDW Kent’s quantum of development at the site. This equates to a total of 726 homes planned by The Noble Consultancy at this strategic Aylesham Village. The original application was submitted back in 2007 so this development has been a long time in the making, with many twists and turns along the way.

These approvals will deliver the final few pieces of the original ‘Aylesham Plan’ drawn up in the late 1920’s by the renowned Architect and Town Planner, Sir Patrick Abercrombie. By providing new dwellings to complete the existing urban grain, these proposals will create an environment that is legible, safe and aesthetically pleasing. The vision of Kent’s Garden Village will now be materialised.

As always, it was a pleasure to work with the teams at Barratt and Persimmon, respectively, and we look forward to working on our next projects together.

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