Graphic Communication

Clearly illustrating your vision

Our aim is to clearly articulate your residential development aspirations using an appropriate graphical medium.

The art of presenting ideas and plans in their simplest form to ensure they are legible and serve a purpose. Our efficient processes, latest design techniques and use of innovative software, allow us to produce a wide variety of imagery.

Can we help get your point across?

3D Visualisation
Fully rendered, computer generated visualisations and 3D axonometric and perspective hand-drawings to visually illustrate proposed design outcomes

Public Consultation
Preparation of display boards and supporting dissemination documents for public consultation events.

Planning Appeals
Production of carefully considered plans and documents to augment the views of a reputable architectural expert witness in support of planning appeals.

A brief introduction

Our graphic communication team understand the intricacies and nuances of visually representing designs for a blank landscape and translating them into how they will appear in the built environment.

The importance of creating designs aesthetically and in a format that captures a vision is what we are good at. We are well placed to present large scale residential projects in designs that are both intelligent and beautifully presented in the media format that best suits our clients.

Graphics are produced with a sense of scale, measurement, key components and technical specifications to support the project and with eye catching detail to ensure that the finished document is accessible, relevant and visually representative for the key stakeholders.

Where the requirement is for Design and Access Statements, Design Codes, Planning Applications or Public Consultation documents our team can produce in 2D or 3D formats.

The software, Autodesk Revit, allows us to create a virtual 3D design of the development showing external green spaces, house types, cladding, roofing etc and offers us a better understanding of how elements of material, nature, space and structure work together.



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  • Feasibility Planning

    Feasibility and concept design are the initial steps in developing design options for your residential development project. Our feasibility planning service evaluates the commercial potential of a piece of land before creating concepts and architectural design solutions that augment the development potential.

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  • Town Planning

    Town Planning is about much more than just submitting planning applications. There are many facets of planning and our planning team have expansive knowledge of planning matters, having accumulated many years experience working within the residential industry.

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  • Technical Drawings

    Key to the delivery of any residential project is the production of clear and concise technical working drawings in a time efficient way. We produce fit for purpose economical technical solutions that comply with all necessary building regulations using the latest Autocad or Revit software.

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  • Landscape Architecture

    Landscaping is an integral part to any successful development. At an early stage of the design process we identify the key landscape features for retention and potential new areas for enhancement. Our in-house landscape architecture team can devise hard and soft landscape schemes that not only perform a function but also add to the aesthetic quality of a development.

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  • Masterplanning & Urban Design

    From small rural or urban infill sites, to large-scale, brownfield, regeneration and greenfield urban extensions; we provide everything from concept plans and development framework plans to detailed masterplans and parameter plans, based on well-established urban design principles.

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  • Graphic Communication

    Communicating visions and detailed proposals through graphics is a key element of architectural design. Creating the best user experience and visual representation of our design proposals is what we do. From 2D plans to 3D axonometric projections and perspective visualisations, we employ various techniques and media such as hand-drawn sketches, digital photo editing and CAD software layout tools.

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