The Great Bristol Half Marathon

A competitive morning running!

Posted by Nathan Taylor 5 years ago

The Great Bristol Half Marathon returned to the South West on Sunday, 15th September.

The event started in 1989 and since then has become a long-held tradition in the national running calendar with over 10,000 runners competing this year.

Not to miss out and with many eager, albeit novice runners, The Noble Consultancy had a strong showing this year.   8 members of the team entered all with steely determination to successfully complete the 13.1 miles challenge.

The long road to prepare for the half marathon began back in May, with non-obligatory (thankfully) staff lunchtime running sessions. These lunchtime sessions started at 5 kilometres and slowly increased to 10k, and even 15k, with several staff actually getting lost trying to find new routes! Motivation for training often came directly from Nick, challenging everyone younger than himself to try and outperform him. Confident words from a man in his 50’s, backed up by a series of past half marathon completions including a respectable 1 hour and 39 mins at the prior year’s event.

Come race day, there was definite tension in the air.  Pride was at stake with thousands of people  lining the streets including fellow team mates that were watching from the side lines. Finishing the race would be an achievement in itself and the added pressure of making sure at least one member of the team outperformed Nick spurred everyone on.

In 19°C sunny September weather the race started in the historic harbourside of Bristol. The scenic, sea-level route took our runners out and back along the Portway, through the stunning Avon Gorge, under Brunel’s famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, along Cumberland Road then around the old city before returning to the finish line at Anchor Road.

Well done Team Noble and congratulations to Anthony, Harry, Nick, Rob, Simba, Stephen, Steve and Toby for a fantastic achievement and brilliant race times.

The team results, in order of finish, were:

Harry – 01:41:21

Steve – 01:47:02

Toby – 01:51:14

Nick – 01:55:58

Rob – 02:07:13

Anthony – 02:20:58

Simba – 02:50:24

Stephen – 02:51:37

It would appear age could finally be catching up with Nick, or maybe by writing this we are just providing his motivation for next year…

If you feel you have the necessary design background and skills and enjoy being part of a team that works hard but has fun along the way get in touch with us today.

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