The Noble Consultancy dabble in the world of extreme sports, who survived?

A staff social event with an element of danger, what could possibly go wrong!? A mixture of Nick with his motocross expertise, combined with a heady dose of competitive spirit, rounded off with a load of us who had no idea what they were doing, made for one of the more 'interesting' Noble staff socials!

Posted by Steven Trythall 2 years ago

Nick walks into the office one day and says something along the lines of, “who wants to go riding motocross bikes with me, I’ll definitely beat you all, but it will be fun”? The stage was set, the first ever Noble Consultancy extreme social event was green lit.

Talk of ‘sending it’ ‘and ‘showing Nick how to ride a motorbike’ was soon doing the rounds around the Planning and Technical teams, the stage was well and truly set.

In the run up to the event, we all took it nice and easy. Some of us doing some casual research on how to ride a bike, or finding out what colour bike is the fastest, whilst Nick was casually taking weekly lessons with a 2-time European champion, not that he really wanted to get his name etched onto the infamous Noble Cup!

Finally, the day of reckoning came, we all arrived at the track at Lee Dunham Racing. We all started off on the little beginner track, a nice gentle introduction as to how to ride a motocross bike. Lee, our instructor, had to be at his most patient best, particularly when we had Luis, who took about 20 minutes just to pull away on his bike, I’m sure he said it was because Mexican bikes are different, but we’ll take his word for it!

The beginner track was a pretty mellow track, not one to really crash on, unless your names were Harry, Steve or Andy that is! The competitive spirit again rearing its head to send one over a bank, one on his back and a corresponding winding, and another, well, he bruised his finger slightly which ruled him out for the rest of the day.

Once we’d all (or some) got to grips with the little track, we were sent out onto the proper track, complete with jumps vicious looking corners! My first thought was ‘lambs to the slaughter’, I was wrong though as surprisingly enough we were all decent enough, or at least that’s what Lee said! We had a few more man down incidents here, the other Steve deciding that cornering was quicker off the bike and over the handlebars, and Paul just not bothering to put his feet down when sitting on the bike when standing still.

An amazing afternoon was spent ripping around the track, admiring the other Steve’s attempts at getting some air and watching Nick desperately try and beat us.

The only thing that remained was some timed laps, it came down to 3 of us to battle for the honour of fastest lap. Nick, Toby, and Steve all went off to try their luck, full send, no messing about, and all crossed the line within a second of one another. The crown went to Steve though, who just pipped Toby and Nick into 2nd and 3rd place respectively, but to Nick’s disbelief, it definitely wasn’t a fix at all!

This marked the end of our adrenaline filled day, some of us have got the motocross bug, even if there were some bruised bodies left at the end of it. We never did discover which colour bike is quickest as we were all given green and white bikes, doh!

Thanks to Harry for bringing his drone alone, check out the footage below.

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